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Hydrogen chloride recovery process

Treatment of waste liquid containing organic chloride compound

This process is that HCl which is formed by incinerating organic chloride compounds is recovered as HCl solution / gas.


  • Complete decomposition of organic compounds
  • Efficient heat recovery from high temperature with boiler
  • Recovered HCl concentration can be higher than azeotropic composition by adding stripper.

Application examples

  • Waste gas/liquid of organic chloride compounds and organic silicate compounds.
  • Pickling waste acid.


Chlorosilane waste liquid and gas

Item Waste liquid A Waste liquid B Waste gas A Waste gas B
Capacity 270 kg/h 100 kg/h 640 kg/h 430 kg/h
High heating value 26,000 kJ/kg 3,000 kJ/kg 8,000 kJ/kg 2,500 kJ/kg
Supply location Burner Furnace Burner Furnace
Operating time 24 hours continuous
Combustion temperature 1,200
Exhaust gas residence time 2 seconds or more
Combustion load 13,500 MJ/h
Exhaust gas flow rate 10,000 m³/h (NTP)
Effluent water flow rate 2,000 kg/h
Recovered HCl
15 wt%
Recovered hydrochloric
acid flow rate
3,000 kg/h
Recovered steam pressure 1.2 MPaG(Saturated)
Recovered steam flow rate 2,000 kg/h
Exhaust gas Dust 80 mg/m³ (NTP) or less
NOx 500 mg/m³ (NTP) or less
SOx 300 mg/m³ (NTP) or less
HCl 70 mg/m³ (NTP) or less
Foot print 35 m × 25 m × 20 m H

Equipment flow