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Evaporator is used for concentrating waste liquid by using steam etc. as heat source and then volume of waste liquid is reduced.

We have some types of evaporator such as single, multi-effect of unit structure, multi-effect with external heating, etc. and we design evaporator by client's request and physical properties of waste liquid.


  • Regarding multi-effect type of unit strucure, footprint is small because of compact shape.
  • Energy-saving type by using ejector /steam blower
    *Recovering solid is possible by adding dryer.

Application examples

  • AN process waste liquids
  • Aluminum chloride solutions
  • Polymerization liquid salt solution

Equipment flow

Single type evaporator

Single type evaportor + steam compressor

Compress and re-use generated steam.

Triple-effect evaporator

The amount of steam is reduced to less than 1/3 as compared with a single

Double-effect evaporator + steam compressor

Utility consumption

Waste liquid 10 ton/h is concentrated 10 times.
The consuptiovs is charged depending on waste liquid conditions.

Type Steam consumption Power consumption
Single evaporator 9 ton/h 11 kW
Triple-effect evaporator 3 ton/h 20 kW
Single evaporator + steam compressor 0 ton/h 310 kW
Double-effect vaporizer + steam compressor 0 ton/h 190 kW

Example: Double-effect evaporator + steam compressor flow sheet example