MIRAX is a plastic, structured packing developed for mass transfer applications such as absorption, stripping, and distillation.


Low pressure drop
Pressure drop of MIRAX is 1/2 or less compare to those of other random packings.

Better mass transfer performance

Superior liquid distribution characteristic

MIRAX dispersion performance

High buckling strength
MIRAX has a welded structure and it's backling strength exceeds 5ton/m2.
It allows using at high liquid loading conditions even with high packed heights.
The thichness of the packing material can be adjusted to suit the conditions of use.

Low Price
MIRAX is welded structure.
This means it's unaffected by material properties in the manufacturing process.
MIRAX is available at prices that reflect the cost of the raw materials.


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FKP 319

FKP 327

TEP 130

Product data

Model FKP 319 FKP 327 TEP 130
Application Mass transfer Mass transfer Demister
Surface area [ m²/m³ ] 150 125 -
Channel height [ mm ] 19 27 18
Maximum length [ mm ] 2400 2400 2400
Maximum width [ mm ] 600 600 700
Height [ mm ] 300*1 300*1 125/250
Material/heat resistant temperature PP/80 ℃(Standard material)
PP-HT/100 ℃
PVC/60 ℃
PVDF/120 ℃
PP/75 ℃
PVC/55 ℃

*1 The standard height is 300mm per layer, with 600mm production also possible.


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Example of a cylindrical cut