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Solid waste incineration process

Rotary kiln and stoker system can treat many kinds of waste such as plastic waste, sludge and so on.


  • Treatment of various kinds waste
  • Easy operation control
  • Effective utilization of residual waste heat recovery (steam, power generation, preheated air, dry heat sources etc.)

Application examples

Item Elecltic appliance waste
Low calorific value 14,000 kJ/kg
Capacity 20 ton/Day
Operating time 24 hours continuous
Combustion type Rotary kiln and stoker
Exhaust gas cooling type Water spray type
Hazardous gas removal type Bagfilter with lime and alkaline scrubber
Exhaust gas flow rate 25,000 m³/h (NTP)
Exhaust gas Dust 0.08 mg/m³ (NTP) or less
NOx 500 mg/m³ (NTP) or less
SOx 300 mg/m³ (NTP) or less
HCl 70 mg/m³ (NTP) or less
DXNs 0.1 ng-TEQ/m³ (NTP) or less
Foot print 50 m × 25 m × 25 m H

Example of the combination with kilnstoker and dryer

Process chart

Kiln-stoker incineration system

Flow sheet

Sludge dryer

Dryer using exhaust gas from incinerator as heat source
Flow sheet example

Flow analysis

Analysis example of gas cooler (CFD)