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Waste liquid incineration / Submerged combustion system

Treatment of waste liquid containing alkali metal compound and high COD substance


  • Operation of waste liquid containing alkali metals without clogging
  • Complete decomposition of organic matter and high COD substance
  • No producing dioxins by quenching system
  • Simultaneous treatment of waste liquid oil and gas
  • Non-catalytic NOx decomposition

Application examples

  • Waste liquid/gas from manufacturing process of chemicals, agrochemicals, organic pigment e.g. acrylonitrile, aclylic acid ester, caprolactam, CVL...
  • Waste liquid from industrial waste disposal facility
  • Waste liquid from desulfurization process such as STRETFORD, TAKAHAX and FUMAX.


Waste liquid and gas from agrochemical process

Item Waste oil Waste liquid Waste gas
Capacity 600 kg/h 700 kg/h 800 kg/h
High heating value 42,000 kJ/kg 13,000 kJ/kg 4,000 kJ/kg
Operating time 24 hours continuous
Combustion type Submerged combustion furnace system
Combustion temperature 1,200
Exhaust gas residence time 2 seconds or more
Combustion load 38,000 MJ/h
Exhaust gas flow rate 30,000 m³/h (NTP)
Effluent liquid flow rate 2,000 kg/h
Exhaust gas Dust 8 mg/m³ (NTP) or less
NOx 500 mg/m³ (NTP) or less
SOx 300 mg/m³ (NTP) or less
HCl 70 mg/m³ (NTP) or less
Foot print 35 m × 30 m × 20 m H

Flow sheet of typical submerged combusiton system

Submerged combusiton with evaporator system

Submerged combustion with smoke surrpressor system