Daiichi Engineering
Co., Ltd.

  • DJK Group

    We are a group company of Daiichi Jitsugyo Co., Ltd., which is a trading company specializing in machinery by handling industrial machinery and equipment.

  • Established in 1996

    Established in 1996, we made a new start in 2007 as an engineering company for environment-related equipment.

  • Safety/Quality

    From design to procurement, trial operation, and after-sales maintenance, we support our customers’ projects by thoroughly implementing safety management, inspection, and quality control.

  • Sincere installation

    We grasp our customers’ environmental problems from our customers’ point of views, examine the process and machinery configuration required to solve the problems, and perform installation.


Corporate profile

In addition to a Message from the President & CEO, this page introduces company information such as access and a Company Outline including our group network.

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This page introduces our efforts to realize a sustainable society, including the provision of various environmental solution systems.

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