Corporate profile

Business outline

Capital JPY 90 Million
Establish 1996
Employee 40
Holding co. Daiichi Jitsugyo (100%)
Oversea branch:20 countries, 30 offices
Business details

We aim to provide environmental engineering and unit processes in various industries such as the chemical industry, energy industry, steel industry, food and drug industry.

We perform engineering using absorption/adsorption/dissipation/concentration/drying/incineration technologies in waste gas, waste liquid, and waste solids processing.
  1. Hydrogen chloride recovery process
  2. Solid waste incineration process
  3. Solid incineration equipment
  4. Evaporator
  5. Solvent recovery
  6. Waste acid treatment
  7. Ammonia stripping / decomposition process
  8. HF and Nox removal
  9. Scrubber
We sell MIRAX (resin-based requirement filling) with low pressure drop and strong buckling, and design filling towers.
We sell process simulation software and design using simulation.
  1. Aspen Technology Authorized Distributor
  2. Solution Services with Simulation Software
  3. Plant design work (feasibility study, feed)
  4. Process simulation design of heat balance, material balance, etc.
Worker Dispatch Business