HF and Nox removal

Simultaneous scrubbing HF and de-NOx with SCR.


  • Low utility consumption by using residual heat of exhaust gas
  • Long lifetime catalyst by absorbing HF completely at scrubber
  • Compact scrubber size by using MIRAX( structured packing) provided by DEK
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Item Gas emitted from the semiconductor manufacturing business
Processing gas properties Mixed exhaust gas including HF, HNO3, NOx
Processing gas flow rate 20,000m3/h(NTP)
Operating time 24 hours continuous
Hazardous gas removal type Alkaline scrubber and catalytic denitration
Filler MIRAX FKP327
Residual heat utilization Heat recovery from exhaust gas via a heat exchanger
Drainage flow rate 1,200ℓ/h
Exhaust gas NOx 99% or more(Removal rate)
HF 1ppm or less
NH3 10ppm or less
Foot print 30m × 15m × 20mH

Equipment flow