We can propose the most appropriate plan for Customers from wide varieties of product line-ups by considering the Customers' various back-ground situations and problems.
Depending on Customers' requirements, we can also customize and propose the optimal plan by combining each system.
If requested, we can also propose the recovery system of the valuables.

Waste requiring
Icon: Waste gas
Waste gas
Icon: Waste liquid
Waste liquid
Icon: Waste solid
Waste solid
removal technology
Solvent recovery HF and Nox removal Ammonia stripping / decomposition Evaporator Acid regeneration plant  
Waste liquid incineration / Submerged combustion system Hydrogen chloride recovery Solid waste incineration
Related technology MIRAX  

In a wide range of industries (e.g., Chemical, Energy, Steel, Food & Pharmacy, and etc.), we can handle the following engineering works:

  • designs of various equipment/facilities,
  • material procurements,
  • installation & commissioning,
  • after-sales maintenance,

Basic work flow for engineering

Project management

We can manage to execute the overall project smoothly, including the inspections, quality controls, various application procedures, etc.

We conduct the interviews with Customers about troubles/problems for the environment-related equipment/facilities.
We design the contents in accordance with Customers' various design requirements.
We can supply the products with the special materials (e.g. Hastelloy, Titanium, etc.) by procuring them via our own sales channels.
Construction work
We can support Construction works as necessary.
Person-in-charge for the project is assigned not only to the construction works but also commissioning.
After-sales maintenance
We handle the maintenance works (including the inquiries to the manufacturers, etc.) on behalf of the Customers to reduce the Customers' burdens.